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Welcome to Autumn Dream Clinic

Orthopedic Acupuncture, Lineage-based Chinese Herbal Medicine

Logo of Autumn Dream Clinic. Symbol of acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Meet Martha Jin

Board Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Martha practices Traditional Chinese Medicine in its full spectrum, including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, dry needling, fire cupping, moxa, and Guasha. Martha specializes in prolo-acupuncture to treat hypermobile joints, which are hidden contributors to chronic pain. Martha is also passionate about women's health.


Martha enjoys working with:

 - Folks with acute or chronic pain.

 - Women's health. From fertility, postpartum to perimenopause.

 - Autoimmune and chronic conditions.

 - Everyday people looking for support with their physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.

Martha Jin, board certified acupuncturist, performing cupping therapy on patient for back pain.

What We Treat

Women's Health


- Fertility Support

- IVF/IUI Support

- Hormone Balancing

- Morning Sickness

- Endometriosis


- Dysmenorrhea

- Amenorrhea


- Cysts, Fibroids 

- Menopause Symptoms

Pain and Injuries

-Pain in the Neck, Shoulders, Low Back, Hip, Knees, Ankles

- Sciatica



- Headaches and Migraines

- Herniated Discs

- Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)

- Bursitis

Mental Emotional

- Stress Management

- Anxiety

- Panic Attack

- Depression

- Insomnia

- Poor Concentration

- Addiction

- Irritability and Anger

- Excess Worrying

Digestive Conditions

- Chronic Constipation

- Acid Reflux

- Abdominal Pain and Distention

- Irritable Bowel Syndrome

- Crohn's Disease

- Ulcerative Colitis

- Weight Loss



- Frequent Urination

- Urgent Urination

- Cloudy or Bloody Urine

- Urinary incontinence

- Nocturia

Throughout the years that I've known Martha in personal, academic, and professional settings, I continue to be amazed by what she is able to offer with kindness, compassion, and dedication. Her skillful application of herbal knowledge in addition to excellent bedside manner and body attunement always leaves me feeling so cared for, seen, and understood in my process. If you have yet to see Martha, I couldn't recommend more highly that you do. Your body, spirit, and soul are sure to thank you. 

- Amanda S

Martha Jin is a wonderful practitioner- I highly recommend her to any and all! Her treatments and healing presence have helped me with so many things, from sleep issues, stress/anxiety, to knee and back pain, and more! Incredibly, when I first started seeing Martha, she was still a student, and yet, her skills and presence as a practitioner were already far beyond the many experienced practitioners that I had seen over the years. She is gentle, intuitive, knowledgeable, professional, kind, and offers sincere, compassionate and personalized care to each and every one of her patients. Martha is also an excellent teacher to her patients—she explains everything she is doing in a manner that is easily understood and makes the patient comfortable and at ease—I have nothing but high praise and great things to say about her. Thank you, Martha, for all your care along the way!

- Rachel L

I was in med school amid a pandemic, with two kids under 8, so lots going on in my life. I started getting epigastric pain, heart palpitations and a lot of other signs that my body was not coping well with so much pressure and stress. I began seeing Martha for acupuncture sessions to try and regain my general health and appease my ailments. Every time I went to get her treatments my heart rate would decrease significantly, after a couple of treatments my epigastric pain was gone, and I felt better. The difference was so noticeable that I would not miss a weekly appointment with her, we kept this for 6 months and I saw improvement in my digestion, my sleep, my overall vitality, and my heart rate. Martha was a light in a time of need. I could not recommend her more! Her energy, her knowledge and her empathy are key players. She is a great healer."

- Yolanda F

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