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Translation of Fu Xing Jue, Part 2


Formulas to treat mistreatments

47 陶曰:又有泻方五首,以救诸病误治,致生变乱者也

Tao says: There are five more dispersal formulas to treat chaos and changes caused by mistreatments of various diseases.

48 泻肝汤

Dispersing the Liver Decoction/ Xiè Gān Tāng


This formula rescues misuse of the vomiting method. The person’s shén and qì is usually deficient and experiences phlegm and water in the intestines coming up causing unstoppable vomiting, fright, vexation, and inability to find peace.


枳实Zhishi boiled 3 liǎng

芍药Shaoyao 3 liǎng

代赭石Daizheshi 3 liǎng [one version uses Mudanpi]

旋覆花Xuanfuhua 3 liǎng

竹叶Zhuye 3 liǎng

[one version has Shengjiang生姜]


Boil the above five ingredients in seven shēng of water down to three shēng. Divide it up and take it warm.

49 泻心汤

Dispersing the Heart Decoction/ Xiè Xīn Tāng


This formula rescues misuse of the purging method. The person’s yang qì is generally solid. There is an external invasion collapsing inward due to deficiency, causing glomus and fullness below the Heart. The person experiences food not going down, unstoppable diarrhea, borborygmus and abdominal pain.


黄连Huanglian 3 liǎng

黄芩Huangqin 3 liǎng

人参Renshen 3 liǎng

炙甘草Zhigancao 3 liǎng

干姜Ganjiang 3 liǎng

[one version has Dazao大枣]


Boil the above five ingredients in seven shēng of water down to three shēng. Divide it up and take it warm.

50 泻脾汤

Dispersing the Spleen Decoction/ Xiè Pǐ Tāng


This formula rescues misuse of cold substances. The person’s yin qì is generally solid and their Wei qì does not move through smoothly. This mistreatment causes stagnation and distension in the abdomen and aversion to cold.


附子Fuzi 3 liǎng processed

干姜Ganjiang 3 liǎng

麦门冬Maimendong 3 liǎng

五味子Wuweizi 3 liǎng

旋覆花Xuanfuhua 3 liǎng

[One version has Xixin细辛 3 liǎng]


Boil the above five ingredients in seven shēng of water down to three shēng. Divide it up and take it warm.

51 泻肺汤

Dispersing the Lung Decoction/ Xiè Fèi Tāng


This formula rescues misuse of the fire method. The person normally has vexed blood. This mistreatment causes change in consciousness as if mania, vomiting blood, nose bleed, vexation and fullness in the chest, and qì binding and unsmooth.


葶苈子Tinglizi 3 liǎng (boil until it turns black, repeatedly crush it until it looks like mud)

大黄Dahuang 3 liǎng

生地黄Shengdihuang 3 liǎng

竹叶Zhuye 3 liǎng

甘草Gancao 3 liǎng


Boil the above five ingredients in seven shēng of water down to three shēng. Divide it up and take it warm.

52 泻肾汤

Dispersing the Kidney Decoction/ Xiè Shèn Tāng


This formula rescues misuse of the sweating method. The person’s yang qì is in general deficient. This mistreatment causes yin qì to reverse upward, palpitation and unsettled feeling in the Heart, sweating from the head and sweating unable to stop.


茯苓Fuling 3 liǎng

甘草Gancao 3 liǎng

桂枝Guizhi 3 liǎng

生姜Shengjiang 3 liǎng

五味子Wuweizi 3 liǎng


Boil the above five ingredients in seven shēng of water down to three shēng. Divide it up and take it warm.


Deficiency Taxation Disease and Formula

53 陶云:经方有救诸劳损病方,亦有五首,然综观其要义,盖不外虚候方加减而已,录出以备修真之辅,拯人之危也。然其方意深妙,非俗浅所识,缘诸损候,臓气互乘,虚实杂错,药味寒热并行,补泻相参,先圣遗奥,出人意表,汉晋以还,诸名医辈,张机、卫汜 [汛]、华元化、吴普、皇甫玄晏、支法师、葛稚川、范将军等,皆当代名贤,咸师式此,《汤液经法》愍救疾苦,造福含灵,其间增减,虽各擅其异,或致新效,似乱旧经,而其旨趣,仍方圆之于规矩也。

Tao says: There are five classical formulas to rescue various taxation diseases. Looking at the big picture, these formulas are modifications of other tonifying formulas. They are recorded here to rescue people from dangerous medical situations and assist cultivation of truth and oneness. The meanings of these formulas are deep and profound, not to be understood by people who focus on shallow and superficial matters. These patterns show mutual controlling of the Zàng qì and a mixture of excess and deficiency, therefore uses both warm and cold medicinals to both tonify and disperse at the same time. The wisdom of the previous sages exceeds all expectations. Since Hàn and Jìn dynasty, there are many famous doctors such as Zhang Ji, Wei Si, Hua Yuanhua, Wu Jin, Huangpu Xuanyan, Zhi Fashi, Ge Zhichuan, General Fan, to name a few. They are all virtuous people who are our teachers. Tangyejing Fa helps to rescue people from suffering and benefit the common people and the spirit.

54 养生补肝汤

Nourishing Life and Tonifying the Liver Decoction/ yǎng shēng bǔ gān tāng


This formula treats Liver deficiency, tendon spasm, hardness in the abdomen with water sloshing around, and constipation.


蜀椒Shujiao 1 shēng (sweat, stir fry to remove oil)

桂心Guixin 3 liǎng

韭叶Jiuye 1 bunch (cut)

芍药Shaoyao 3 liǎng

芒硝Mangxiao half jīn

胡麻油Humayou 1 shēng


Boil Jiao, Gui, Jiuye, Shaoyao in five shēng of water down to three shēng. Drain the herbs. Add Mangxiao and wait for it to dissolve. Turn off fire. Add Mayou. While it is still hot, use three branches of Sangzhi to mix the decoction until it is mixed well with Shaoyao. There should be total three shēng. Take it warm three times and finish within a day.

55 调中补心汤

Regulating the Center and Tonifying the Heart Decoction/ diào zhōng bǔ xīn tāng


This formula treats taxation of the Heart, a taxation pulse, vexation and palpitation of the Heart, and change in consciousness as if absentminded.


旋覆花Xuanfuhua 1 shēng [one version uses Mudanpi牡丹皮 4 liǎng]

栗子Lizi 12 pieces (crush it to remove shell)

葱叶Congye 12 pieces

豆豉Chi half jin [one version uses Shanyuyou山萸肉]

栀子Zhizi, 14 pieces (crushed)

人参Renshen 3 liǎng (cut)


Boil the above six ingredient in four shēng of clear wine and six shēng of water down to three shēng. Divide into three doses and take it warm three times a day.

56 建中补脾汤

Constructing the Center and Tonifying the Spleen Decoction/ jiàn zhōng bǔ pí tāng


This formula treats Spleen deficiency with atrophy of the flesh, skinny like a brushwood, urgency and contraction in the abdomen, and the four limbs without strength.


炙甘草Zhigancao 2 liǎng

大枣Dazao 12 pieces (remove pit)

生姜Shengjiang 3 liǎng

黄饴Huangyi 1 shēng (cut)

桂枝Guizhi 2 liǎng

芍药Shaoyao 6 liǎng


Boil the above six ingredients in seven shēng of water down to three shēng. Drain the herbs. Add Yi. Turn the fire back up to fully dissolve it. Take one shēng warm and finish in a day.

57 宁气补肺汤

Settling the Qì and Tonifying the Lung Decoction/ níng qì bǔ fèi tāng


This formula treats Lung deficiency, qì exhaustion, vexing heat, sweating, and vexing thirst.


麦门冬Maimendong 2 shēng

五味子Wuweizi 2 shēng

白浆Baijiang (rice water) 5 shēng

芥子Jiezi half shēng

旋覆花Xuanfuhua 1 liǎng

竹叶Zhuwei (Zhuye) 3 bunches


Boil the above six ingredients in Baijiang (rice water) down to three shēng. Divide it into three doses and finish within a day.

58 固元补肾汤

Solidifying the Source and Tonifying Kidney Decoction/ gù yuán bǔ shèn tāng


This formula treats Kidney deficiency, essence taxation, loss of essence, urinary incontinence, fatigue, loss of strength, inability to move and turn, spit blood and cough up blood.


地黄Dihuang 3 liǎng (cut)

王瓜根Wangguagen 3 liǎng (cut)

苦酒Kujiu (vinegar) 1 shēng

炙甘草Zhigancao 4 liǎng

薤白Xiebai 4 liǎng

干姜Ganjiang 2 liǎng (cut)


Boil the above six ingredients in a mixture of vinegar and five shēng of spring water down to five shēng. Take one shēng at a time and finish within a day.

59 陶云:经云:毒药攻邪,五茶为充,五果为助,五谷为养,五畜为益,尔乃大汤之设。今所录者,皆小汤耳。若欲作大汤者,补有汤内加羊肝,补心加鸡心,补脾加牛肉,补肺加犬肉,补肾加猪肾,各一具,即成也。

Tao says: Neijing mentions that toxic medicinals attack the evil. The five types of tea, fruit, grains, animal stocks are major nourishments. What we record here are small nourishments. If one desires to nourish greatly, one could add lamb liver to tonify [the Liver], add chicken heart to tonify the Heart, add beef to tonify the Spleen, add dog meat to tonify the Lung, and add pig kidneys to tonify the Kidney.

60 陶隐居云:「依《神农本经》及《桐君采药录》,上中下三品之药,凡三百六十五味,以应周天之度,四时八节之气,商有圣相伊尹,撰《汤液经法》三卷,为方亦三百六十首:上品上药,为服食补益方者百二十者;中品中药,为疗疾祛邪之方,亦百二十首;下品毒药,为杀虫辟邪痈疽等方,亦百二十首。凡共三百六十首也,实万代医家之规范,苍生护命之大宝也。今检录常情需用者六十首,备山中预防灾疾之用耳。检用诸药之要者,可黩契经方之旨焉。经云:在天成象,在地成形,天有五气,化生五味,五味之变,不可胜数。」今者约列二十五种,以明五行互含之迹,以明五味变化之用,如左:

Hermit Tao says: According to Shennong Bencao Jing and Tongjun Caiyao Lu, all three hundred and sixty five herbs, divided into upper, middle, and lower class, follow the law of nature and the qì of the four seasons and the eight nodes. In Shang Dynasty, the sage minister Yiyin composed three volumes of Tangyejing Fa that includes three hundred and sixty formulas. The upper class medicinals are used in about one hundred and twenty formulas for tonification. The middle class medicinals are used in one hundred and twenty formulas to treat illnesses and dispel the evil. The lower class medicinals are used in one hundred and twenty formulas to kill bugs, ward off the evil spirits, and get rid of carbuncles and mass accumulations. These total three hundred and sixty formulas are standard for the future ten thousand generations of doctors and valuable treasures to guard precious lives of the common people. Here we record the mostly used sixty formulas to prevent illnesses. All these formulas follow the principle of the classical formulas. Neijing says: in Heaven there are images; on Earth there are shapes. The heaven has five qì. They are transformed into the five flavors. The changes that these five flavors are capable of are numerous. The following is twenty five herbs to show the relationship between the five phases and the five flavors.

61 味辛皆属木,桂为之主,椒为火,姜为土,细辛为金,附子为水。

All pungent flavor belongs to wood. It is governed by Guizhi, and Jiao is fire, Jiang is earth, Xixin is metal, and Fuzi is water.

62 味咸皆属火,旋覆花为之主,大黄为木,泽泻为土,厚朴为金,硝石为水。

All salty flavor belongs to the fire. It is governed by Xuanfuhua, and Dahuang is wood, Zexie is earth, Houpo is metal, and Xiaoshi is water.

63 味甘皆属土,人参为之主,甘草为木,大枣为火,麦冬为金,茯苓为水。

All sweet flavor belongs to earth. It is governed by Renshen, and Gancao is wood, Dazao is fire, Maimendong is metal, and Fuling is water.

64 味酸皆属金,五味[子]为之主,枳实为木,豉为火,芍药为土,薯蓣为水。

All sour flavor belongs to metal. It is governed by Wuweizi, and Zhishi is wood, Chi is fire, Shaoyao is earth, and Shuyu is water.

65 味苦皆属水,地黄为之主,黄芩为木,黄连为火,白术为土,竹味为水。

All bitter flavor belongs to water. It is governed by Dihuang, and Huangqin is wood, Huanglian is fire, Baizhu is earth, Zhuye is water [metal].

66 此二十五味,为诸药之精,多疗诸五臓六腑内损诸病,学者当深契焉。

These twenty five herbs are the essentials of all herbs that treat all diseases involving internal damages of the five Zàng and the six Fǔ. Scholars should deeply study them.

67 经云:「主于补泻者为君,数量同于君而非主故为臣,从于佐监者为佐使。」

Neijing says: The emperor herb governs tonifying and dispersing. The minister herbs have the same dose amount as the emperors but are not the emperors. The assistant herbs guide and look out for other herbs.

68 陶隐居曰:此图乃《汤液经法》尽要之妙,学者能谙于此,医道毕矣。

Hermit Tao says: this picture captures the essence of Taiyejing Method. If scholars can deeply understand it, they will get closer to understanding the Tao of the medicine.

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