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How to Clear Blockages in the Large Intestine Channel?

Updated: May 27, 2022

Overall trajectory of the Large Intestine channel:

The Large Intestine channel starts from the index finger, travels up the lateral aspect of the arm to the shoulder joint. Then it passes through the neck and enters the bottom teeth. It ends by the side of the nose. The interior branch traverses the Lung, diaphragm and Large Intestine organ.

LI 10 and LI 4 are the most common areas of stagnation in the Large Intestine channel.

LI 10 手三里 Arm Three Miles

LI 10 is located around 2 inches distal to (towards the hands) the elbow crease on the radial (towards the thumb) and extensor side (outside) of the forearm.

LI 4 合谷 Joining Valley

LI 4 is located in the interspace between the first and second metacarpal bones on the dorsum (outside) of the hand. This point is at the highest point of the muscle.


With the palm facing the abdomen and a bend in the elbow, use the pinkie finger knuckle of the opposite hand to tap the Large Intestine channel from the elbow to the index finger as shown in the picture above. Pay special attention to LI 10 area. Then, use the thumb to press the webspace between the thumb and the index finger. If there is stagnation, you can work on the area for 5 to 10 minutes daily. It's common to experience redness, swelling, soreness and pain in the area. In fact, the stronger and healthier you are, the more intensity of soreness you will feel. Keep working through the discomfort. This is the key! The blockage usually goes away in 3-5 days.

Working on the Large Intestine channel can potentially help with:

  • Constipation

  • Diarrhea

  • Distention and fullness in the abdomen

  • Toothache

  • Headache

  • Nasal blockages

The best time to work on the Large Intestine channel is 5-7 AM. However, the actual best time to work on any channel is whenever you have time. What matters most is to do it consistently and daily.

Another simple technique to keep your Large Intestine healthy is self-abdominal massage. It's very simple. Before going to bed or upon waking, you can use the palm of the hand to massage the abdomen, clockwise 81 times and counterclockwise 81 times around the navel. Make sure to use consistent pressure and slow speed. After the abdominal massage, you may break out a thin sweat. This is great for people suffering from chronic intestinal illnesses.

The material of this blog is inspired by 敲开健康之门 written by 路新宇. Currently there is no English translation of the book.

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